Tuesday, April 1, 2008

CIO hounds SA obsevers out of Zim

THREE members of the Young Communist League’s Zimbabwean election observer team have returned early because of surveillance by Zimbabwe’s Central Intelligence Officers (CIO).

In a statement on Monday, the league said three members returned and one member, based in Bulawayo, had been interrogated by the CIO. “This shows the level of intimidation that is still prevalent in Zimbabwe,” the statement said.

However, the league said it was pleased the Zimbabwe government had allowed its delegation to enter and leave the country without any major interference.

The league said it had found that conditions for a free and fair election were not evident.

It also noted that people had voted in areas where they did not live and that the country’s electoral commission was run by senior leaders of Zanu-PF.

The league said there was a fear of rigging the presidential vote as electoral results displayed outside various polling stations showed that the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) had won the election in all four categories of polling.

“The remaining result for the presidential contest is reported to be in favour of Morgan Tswangirai,” it said. “There is fear of rigging the presidential leg, thus the delay of the announcement of the results.

“And there is the fear about the army and police staging a coup if the opposition takes the presidency.” The YCL therefore called for the immediate deployment of SADC and United
Nations peace keeping forces to avert any attempt towards “sinking” Zimbabwe
into violence.

“This should serve as a post-election process undertaken by all the parties involved in the elections and all the countries in the region,” the league said.

Source: Sapa

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