Monday, June 2, 2008

ZANU PF thugs shut down schools

BULAWAYO — About 10 schools in Matabeleland South were reportedly forced to shut down by Zanu PF militia who attacked teachers they blamed for contributing to President Robert Mugabe’s defeat during the 29 March elections.

The closure came as fresh reports surfaced of the militants extorting money and goods from villagers in the province. They were allegedly forcing villagers to pay "fines" for voting for the MDC.

The youths swept through West Nicholson, unleashing a wave of violence that left hundreds injured. In addition, they are said to be forcing the hunger-stricken villagers to share their food with them.

The Standard was told the youths were forcing villagers to cook food and deliver it to their bases — in cases reminiscent of scenes during the 1970s struggle for independence. "Teachers at the schools shut down are sleeping in the bush to escape violence and the night vigils," The Standard

The schools have been identified as Zhukwe, Sizeze, Stezi, Zezani Mission, Mapane, Khozi,
Wabayi, Nyandeni, Nkazhe and Gohole. The reports could not be independently verified as communication lines were down.

Raymond Majongwe, the PTUZ secretary-general said it was disturbing that schools had become targets of the Zanu PF militia resulting in dozens of them closing down. There was no comment from the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture on the latest developments.

Source: The Standard

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