Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Elections, idiots and handpicked selections?

As an astute observer of Zimbabwean politics, I have watched the election drama unfold with all the interests and plenty of disappointment. I call it a drama because it cannot be called by any other name.

Democracy is supposed to be a very big and fair game, but can it be so fair that we can have eleven candidates competing for the votes of an increasingly skeletal population of Mpopoma, or Gwanda Central where many who would have been voters have long walked over crocodiles to get to the greener side of the Limpopo?

The sheer number of idiots, nobodies, thieves and politically bankrupt fools, chancers and turn coats competing to represent the people leaves plenty to worry about. Government calls it the harmonized, historic elections. Historic indeed if you consider the number of split parties contesting with twins in every other small constituencies.

The number of disgruntled people who filed is also a cause of questioning as to whether the motive is really to stand for the people or line the pockets of some of these poor sods masquareding as candidates. The only historic thing I see is that ZANU PF is for the first time since its dictatorship facing a real challenge from the alliance of Simba Makoni and least understood and perhaps more rational Arthur Mutambara led MDC.

Tsvangirai being the noisemaker that he is, has already heaped scorn on Makoni calling him an unreformed ZANU PF, which I think emanates from his short memory, so short that he has forgotten that he personally sang all the praises of Robert Mugabe while he was a youth leader and a Gukurahundi in that party in the early 80s.

I have a feeling that If Makoni is ZANU PF, so is Tsvangirai, and so is the ten-fold liar-cum-day dreamer called John Makumbe, an unrepentant Tsvangirai apologist who masquaredes as a political analyst.

The election fever is bringing out all the idiots and some appear to be bigger and more mindless than that we thought. I will tell you why Makumbe and other Tsvangirai apologists are accomplished idiots in the next instalment.

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