Friday, February 1, 2008

Its tough..I mean being a Zimbabwean these days

I have lived almost all my life in the city of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.
That the economic crisis is biting everything out of the food baskets has been said and repeated a trillion times. In the country, everyone is a millionaire.
But there are so many beggars and they are the subject of this snippet. Its one hard choice for the blind and the handicapped, they know better than anyone that there are no more generous people in the country. No one parts with a penny, and coins have long since ceased to be part of the currency, which has been temporary since 2003.
I will be posting a serious feature article detailing the trials and tribulations of these unfortunate people, who are doubly unfortunate in that their number on the streets is increasing daily, as is that of madmen and vagrants. Get ready for a trip down the alleyways..

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