Monday, February 25, 2008

So President Mugabe is turned 84 ! And is still in control!

Well, it’s amazing how the celestial powers will preserve those you wish never existed and prematurely terminate the lives of the ones you adore most and wish they lived for evermore.

Such is life. Anyway, Happy Birthday Mr. President. We trust you will make average merry with your family in celebrating your more than eight decades of existence on mother Earth. But as you may be aware that you are the most reviled individual in Zimbabwe today, we advise that you pose a little and ponder about the complexity of the tribulations your despicable government has wrought for Zimbabwe as a nation.

Retrospectively, think about the state of the economy back in 1980 when Zimbabweans gave you the mandate to steer the country into prosperity for posterity, and comparatively, examine the economic policies that your government has pursued since its inception that have led to the current economic tailspin and those being explored by neighbors such as South Africa and Zambia. Don’t you see the worlds-apart difference there? If not, go further down the memory lane and examine your government’s disastrous seizures of white-owned commercial farms.

Think about the chaos that ensued when you unleashed supporters of your Zanu PF party and the veterans of the liberation struggle on the farms to evict productive white owners in the name of addressing land imbalances. Think about the violence, the killings that characterized the exercise. Figure out if that was the best way to execute the noble idea of balancing land ownership.

Take stock of your military adventure in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Don’t you think this cost Zimbabwe’s treasury a fortune? Think of the agony that you caused the nation in 2005 when you sanctioned a controversial displacement exercise called Operation Murambatsvina that left more than 2, 4 million people either without a roof over their heads or a reliable source of livelihood.

Instead of complementing survival strategies of those you have denied employment, you added to their agony by displacing them and robbing them of their livelihoods. How inhumane of you Mr. President! You took away the few pieces these people were picking from their stalls. Your state machinery went on the rampage and demolished houses, seizing vegetables from vendors and doing all sorts of acts that degrade humanity.

By this you attracted international condemnation and the United Nations called on you to stop the madness and respect humanity; but characteristic of you, you were defiant and belligerent. The catalogue of your glaring gaffes is shamelessly endless Mr. President. We advise that you spare a moment and imagine how you would feel if you were among the masses that experience the devastating effects of your misgovernance today.

Inflation is officially more than 100 000 percent, prices are incredibly high, blackouts are frequent, food shortages are widely pronounced, and you are proudly in charge of the regime that has caused all these evils. Does this not bother you? We doubt if it does. If it did, we presume you would have long done the most honorable thing.

Mr. President, we are informed that, despite the economic collapse you have presided over, leading to the suffering of the masses, your birthday bash on Saturday in Beitbridge has been sponsored to the tune of $3 trillion. Well, that’s a lot of money being channeled towards an undeserving cause. Not so? We wonder how all this money was raised? Was it not extracted from the treasury; we ask?

Mr. President, do you honestly think its fair for you and your family to spend a fortune on your bash at the expense of millions of Zimbabweans who are on the ropes, literally starving and needing aid? We think it’s absolutely not fair and we detest it.

Do you realize the implications of your blanket price freeze and cuts? Outright madness to say the least! We loath to remind you of your Gukurahundi campaign against the Ndebeles.

Iin your interview earlier today with a State daily, you seem to be in pursuit of the fantasy that you are immortal. You reveal that the grumblings within your party are a culmination of greed by some elements after your job.

And boastfully you ask: “Akanga avaudza kuti ndichachembera ndiani.” How incredible! At 84 you still believe you are young? Y’ know; you have a fundamental problem Mr. President. So this explains why you don’t want to abdicate power. You think you are still young enough? No you are not. You are now a burdensome geriatric.

As you take a sip of your favorite wine to down a morsel of your birthday cake, casting a passionate look at your children wishing you could turn back the hands of time to see them grow, think about how they would feel about you in future when they reach discerning stage. We doubt if they will be amused with what you have done to this country.

The Herald newspaper gladly describes you as a “paragon of magnanimity, consistency.” Consistency, yes, but we believe your consistency is misplaced since it has all to do with wrong; destruction, belligerence. Magnanimity; hell no! We believe you are such a disgraced individual.

Rumbling further in your interview with the Herald, you emblazon this fellow, what’s his name, Simba Makoni with a tag that aptly suits you. Disparaging him for standing against you in the March 29 election, you say: “Once you become subjective and take yourself as the opinion maker; as the key person in making opinion, then you are already dangerous not just to others, but to yourself and you become self-opinionated."

Huh, dangerous just not to self but others, and becoming self-opinionated! Mr. President you are exactly what you think your former finance minister is. If anything, the two of you are birds of a same feather. You think you are an asset Zimbabwe can not do without. That is why at 84 you are seeking a new term to perpetuate your rule.

You are now just too old and devoid of constructive ideas. Zimbabweans are tired of you, you are such a pathetic failure. We do cherish your part in liberating the country, but we stand up and say God forbid when you want to personalize Zimbabwe and make it your personal possession.

Now; that you are facing an election, we wish you defeat. But in the likely event that you win, we advise that you hand over power to a much more reasonable person, although we don’t believe in a reformed Zanu PF or in anybody to do with the party for that matter, including the Makoni that you think is self-opinionated and has become dangerous not only to himself but to the society.

We believe you are the most dangerous individual to both yourself and the society today in Zimbabwe. You have made it shameful for us to identify ourselves as Zimbabweans everywhere we go beyond our borders.

Surely some inkling of shame should sweep across your conscience as you celebrate your birthday today for literally ruining Zimbabwe in the past 28 years. Should Zimbabweans fail in their collective effort to get rid of you through the ballot, we advise that you do the most honorable thing Mr. President, at least in the national interest.

We pen off! Ntungamili Nkomo -

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